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"This is a book filled with all the elements that can help you to make your lives meaningful and worthwhile. Love, laughter, wisdom and more. For me, Soul Sounds comes from the place God knows. If you want to become aware of the wisdom of the ages and higher states of consciousness read on and get to know yourself and the source."

— Bernie Siegel, M.D. author of Faith, Hope & Healing and 365 Prescriptions for the Soul

"In Soul Sounds, Rabbi Lewis has distilled a lifetime of learning, reflection and service into each short essay, proving that writing does not have to be complex to be profound. Each essay invites the reader to pause, ponder and listen to the deep sounds of his or her own soul. This is a book to be savored."

— Gary Eberle, author of Sacred Time and the Search for Meaning and Dangerous Words: Talking about God in an Age of Fundamentalism and Professor of English, Aquinas College

"You don’t read Rabbi Albert Lewis's Soul Sounds; it reads itself to you, takes your hand, teases, comforts and cajoles. As the divine is his companion, so he makes himself your fellow sojourner."

— Ronald J. Manheimer, Ph.D., Executive Director, North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement and Research and author of Map to the End of Time: Wayfarings with Friends and Philosophers (Norton, 1999)