New Book: Soul Sounds

SOUL SOUNDS is a journey in and through the heart of Rabbi Albert Micah Lewis as he invites people from all traditions to marvel at the wonder of life, acknowledge its sometimes tragic and fearsome natureā€¦and through it all to share joy, hope, love, laughter and wisdom.

This is a book that provides gifts of encouragement to its readers as they are welcomed into personal and universal dialogue. An early morning walk becomes a conversation with God; Lewis shares his longing for the fatherly blessing everyone wants, and the love of children and grandchildren is powerfully communicated.

The essays in SOUL SOUNDS are among those most cherished by the readers of Rabbi Lewis's weekly column in the Grand Rapids Press. The pieces have been enhanced here with the questions Lewis prompts his readers to consider in their own lives. When asked, "Why did you write this book," the rabbi replied: "I have been blessed with many important life lessons and gifted teachers. I want to share the gifts and insights I have gained, to honor my teachers and guides. Most importantly I want to support each person who chooses to listen to her/his own soul sounds."