Rabbi Albert M. Lewis

Albert Micah Lewis is recognized as an outstanding writer on issues of spirituality and aging. His weekly articles in the Grand Rapids Press -- offering new perspectives, humor and empathy -- have been circulated throughout the United States, Canada and Great Britain. In addition to a very successful career in the pulpit and leadership on the national level, Rabbi Lewis is engaged in consulting and teaching in colleges and universities. He has published numerous articles about faith and faith development in professional journals and is frequently invited to address interfaith audiences, seminary students and clergy.

Dr. Lewis was appointed to the Governor's Commission on Aging by Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, and is the president of Life Transitions Consulting, a corporation facilitating lifelong education and staff development in retirement and nursing home facilities. The rabbi is the founding president of Hospice of Grand Rapids (MI) and the western Michigan chapter of the Michigan Society for Gerontology, and a consultant to fortune 500 companies.

Rabbi Lewis is the author of Soul Sounds: Reflections on Life (Common Good, 2009), The Lord is My Shepherd: Psalms to Accompany Us on Our Journey through Aging (Eerdman, 2002) and a co-author of Retirement Begins at Forty (CCAR, 1980).